The Sheldon Practice (Dr Jheeta)

Sheldon Practice Logo (2)

The Sheldon Practice                                                 169-171 Church Road                                                 Sheldon                                                                           Birmingham                                                                  B26 3TT 

PPG (Patients Participation Group)

Dr B Jheeta, Mr Upkar Singh, Mr  Suliaman Ebrahim, Mr Lol Thurstan. Mr Eric Bott, Mrs June Bott, Mrs Sandra Davis, Chairman, Mr Ed Clymer.

Sheldon Practice Team August 2018

Sheldon Practice website: 

Tel: 0121 743 5511
Fax: 0121 693 9797

Surgery opening times:

Monday:          8.30am – 7.30pm

Tuesday:          8.30am – 6.45pm

Wednesday:   8.30am – 12.30pm

Thursday:       8.30am – 6.45pm

Friday:             8.30am – 6.45pm

Changes taking place on the 1st April 2015


Q1.  Which of the following methods would you prefer to use to book an appointment at the Surgery  ?

Please tick all the blank boxes that apply

In person 10
By phone 28
By fax 0
Online 3
Digital TV 0
No preference 0

Q2.  In the past 6 months how easy have you found the following

Please put a tick in one blank box in each row



Not very


Not at
all easy
Getting through on the phone 1 25 5 0 1 0
Speaking to a Doctor on the phone 3 20 2 0 0 0
Speaking to a Nurse on the phone 11 19 3 0 0 2
Obtaining test results by phone 10 12 3 0 0 0

Q3.  Thinking about the last time you tried to see a doctor fairly quickly –  were you able to see a doctor on the same day or in the next two weekdays that the GP or Health Centre was open?

Please tick the blank box that applies

Yes 32
No 0
Can’t remember 1

Q4.  How easy do you find getting into the building at the surgery ?

Please tick the blank box that applies

Very easy 32
Fairly easy 1
Not very easy 0
Not at all easy 0

Q5.  How clean is the GP surgery ?

Please tick the blank box that applies

Very clean 33
Fairly clean 0
Not very clean 0
Not at all clean 0
Don’t know 0

 Q6.   In the Reception Area, can other patients overhear what you say to the Receptionist?

Please tick the blank box that applies

Yes, but I don’t mind 20
Yes and I am not happy about it 3
No, other patients can’t overhear 5
Don’t know 5

Q7.  How helpful do you find the receptionists at the Surgery ?

Please tick the blank box that applies

Very 31
Fairly 2
Not very 0
Not at all 0 

Q8.   How long after your appointment time do you normally wait to be seen?

Please tick the blank box that applies

I don’t normally have appointments at a specific time 1
I am normally seen on time 12
Less than 5 minutes 4
5 to 15 minutes 15
15-30 minutes 0
More than 30 minutes 0
Can’t remember 1

Q9.   How do you feel about how long you normally have to wait ?

Please tick the blank box that applies

I don’t normally have to wait long 32
I have to wait a bit too long 0
I have to wait far too long 0
No opinion / doesn’t apply 1

Q10.   How often do you see the Dr you prefer ?

Please tick the blank box that applies

Always or most of the time 27
A lot of the time 3
Some of the time 0
Never or almost never 1
Not tried at this GP Surgery or Health Centre 0


Q11.  How satisfied are you with the opening hours at the surgery ?

Please tick the blank box that applies

Very 27
Fairly 4
Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied 0
Quite dissatisfied 0
Very dissatisfied 0
Don’t know opening hours






Q12.   In general, how satisfied are you with the care you get at the Surgery ? 

Please tick the blank box that applies

Very 29
Fairly 2
Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied 0
Quite dissatisfied 0
Very dissatisfied 0

Q13.   Would you recommend the Surgery  to someone who has just moved to your local area.? 

Please tick the blank box that applies

Yes 30
Might 1
Not sure 0
Probably not 0
Definitely not 0
Don’t know 0

The following questions will help us to see how experiences vary between different groups of the population.  We will keep your answers completely confidential

Q14.   Are you male or female ?

Please tick the blank box that applies

Male 14
Female 19

Q15.  How old are you ?

Please tick the blank box that applies

Under 18 0 55 – 64 10
18 – 24 2 65 – 74 2
25 – 34 4 75 – 84 1
35 – 44 4 85 and over 0
45 – 54 10


Summary of Results and Action Plan from Patient Survey 2016

Method of booking appointments:

85% of patients preferred booking appointments by Phone of which 18% used both phone and in person

Only 3 patients preferred booking appointments online.

ACTION PLAN: A poster encouraging patients to book appointments online will be displayed.

Getting through on the phone.

The majority of patients were happy with phone access in all  questions

97%  found it  easy to see the Doctor fairly quickly.

100% of patients found it easy to get into the building.

100% felt the surgery was kept very clean.

61% of patients could overhear the conversation with the receptionist but did not mind.

9% of patients were not happy about this.

ACTION PLAN; We are awaiting a new TV screen for the life channel which may muffle the conversation.

94% were happy with the amount of time they had to wait to see the Doctor 5-15 minutes

91% were happy with the choice of Doctor

100% were happy with the surgery opening hours

95% were very satisfied with the care they received at the surgery.

97% would recommend the surgery to someone who had moved into the area.


(click on photo for a larger image)



Sheldon patients will benefit from a major NHS funding boost to improve local GP facilities.

The Sheldon Practice, in Church Road, has received £165,878 from the NHS England Primary Care Infrastructure Fund. Together with £85,542 investment from the practice, it will fund work to create a rear extension, and internal works to provide two additional ground floor clinical rooms, as well as a reconfigured reception and new automated doors to the main entrance.

The NHS England Primary Care Infrastructure Fund is a national funding programme to support GP practices to make improvements to services for local patients including more modern, expanded facilities and use of new technologies.

Dr Bhinder Jheeta, from The Sheldon Practice, said: “I am delighted that the practice has been awarded this NHS funding. It will enable us to carry out some quite substantial changes which will benefit our patients.

“The work, which is due to start later this month and take around 18 weeks to complete, will transform the waiting area into a bright and modern space for our patients, who will also benefit from the additional clinical rooms.

“We hope that any disruption to patients will be kept to a minimum.”

Paul Sherriff, NHS Birmingham CrossCity Clinical Commissioning Group’s Director of Operations and Corporate Development, added: “We are thrilled that The Sheldon Practice has secured this funding, which will help to make a real difference for patients in Birmingham.”




The. ‘The patient representative group at The Sheldon Practice was set up in August 2011 to understand the views of patients on the services that the Practice offered.  The group reviews everything from access to the services both Primary and secondary. It also reviews the standard of service provided by the practice in all aspects including local health needs, to the effect of the changes in the NHS on the practice.  It is a virtual group where most of the communication is done by E mail; however representatives also came to the practice to discuss matters.   After profiling my practice area for age, sex, ethnicity and minority groups. The Group was formed to include, 1 member (aged 40) from a family (with very young children aged few months to 18 months)) of an Asian background 1 member (aged 28) from family (with children aged 2 – 6 years) an afro-Caribbean background, 2 members over the age of 65 .1 member over the age of 70. 1 member (aged 47) from a family of teenage children. Therefore this group covered most ages, all sexes, ethnicities and minority groups. Last year we co-opted a new member to the group who also heads the area neighbourhood watch and has set up a website for patients in the area .He is a retired male who is very proactive in the community welfare


Give a description of the profile and then show a breakdown of it

Details for your practice population profile should be available through your practice system.  Please note if ethnicity totals do not add up to 100% then please show the remaining % in the ‘not stated’ box

Demonstrating how a Patient Reference Group is Representative
Practice Population Profile PRG Profile Difference
% Under 16       24% % Under 16       22% 2%
% 17-24            10% % 17-24            11% 1%
% 25-34            15% % 25-34             11% 2%
% 35-44           14% % 35-44            11% 3%
% 45-54            16% % 45-54            11% 5%
% 55-64            11% % 55-64             17% 6%
% 65-74             8% % 65-74           11% 3%
% 75-84             5% % 75-84            0% 5%
% 85 and Over    2% % 85 and Over    0 2%
White White  
% British Group     89% % British Group   66% 23%
% Irish                2% % Irish             0% 2%
Mixed Mixed  
% White & Black Caribbean     0% % White & Black Caribbean0% 0%
% White & Black African           0% % White & Black African 0% 0%
% White & Asian   0% % White & Asian  0% 0%
Asian or Asian British Asian or Asian British  
% Indian            3% % Indian   16% 13%
% Pakistani       1% % Pakistani  0% 1%
% Bangladeshi    less than1% % Bangladeshi  0% 0%
Black or Black British Black or Black British  
% Caribbean       2% % Caribbean  0% 2%
% African          1% % African  16% 15%
Chinese or other ethnic group Chinese or other ethnic group  
% Chinese       less than   1% % Chinese   0% 1%
& any other & any other
Not Stated %     0% Not Stated %
% Male           53% % Male          50% 3%
% Female           47% % Female       50% 3%


The PRG was designed to be representative as much as possible for age, ethnicity and sex. The Practice being relatively small with a list size of approximately 2135 patients This was done in several ways. The group comprised a white family with teenage children. An Asian family with very young children. An African family with children of junior school age. Another white family with grown up children. A White just retired couple and a white much older couple. Last year we co-opted a new member to the group who also heads the area neighbourhood watch and has set up a website for patients in the area .He is a retired white male who is very proactive in the community welfare Both partners of each family were included which made the gender of the whole group approximately equal.   The group was a virtual group which communicated by E mail. Because of relatively small numbers of Chinese and Bangladeshi   and Pakistani patients and the difficulties that these groups had with E mail and internet access, the Doctor had personal communications with this group by phone and surgery contact to ensure their views were included.   



How often do you hold the meetings? Dates as evidence would be really usefule.g.

24th November 2014                              PPG notified that Practice is participating in ACE care. Details of services given.
10-13th  January 2015 PPG informed of development proposals. Discussed the success of last year’s action plan.The group again felt we should include current issues which were given by feedback from patients, receptionists and clinical staff alike. These were1Access to Practice 2.Ease of getting referral to community services 3 Assessing the standard of services received by patients.It was agreed that for                                                                   1 .Access to practice that the Doctor triages all appointment requests.2.The practice provides a list of community services

3. Promote use of NHS choices, Friends and Family Test and IWANTGREATCARE.COM.


24th  January 2015   26th March 2015

28th March 2015


Action plan agreed.1.Poster in waiting room, on B26 website and Practice website2.Poster in waiting room regarding community services3. Poster in waiting room, on B26 website and Practice websitePosters sent to B26 website chairman.

 Final agreed PPG report E mailed to PPG and Practice website organiser.




Optional name details with consent of memberse.g. Chair –  Dr Bhinder JheetaMr E.C   computer  ID no=493  Mrs J.B  computer ID no=353  Mr J F computer ID no=3116  Mr U.S computer ID no=3753  Mrs S.D computer ID no=41  Mr R.R  computer ID no=4002Mr LL computer ID=2696



How did you decide which questions to include in the survey?In the PRG meeting of 10th               January 2015 (Virtual communication by E mails) we decided that last year we looked at 3 priorities most relevant to the Practice and we chose 1Access to the Doctor, 2,ease of getting referral to other services especially Mental Health  and Counselling and finally 3 . Access to Patient data by I care by giving patients choice and information.  The agreed action plans were carried out successfully.This year we decided to look at the areas that have caused a great concern for patients via feedback from Practice staff, clinicians and patients themselves. These relate to 1. Access to the Doctor Appointments 2. Ease of access to community services, ie Physio, chiropody, Pharmacy, Anticoagulation clinics, Optometrists, Mammogram screening. And finally 3 To assess the standard of service received by patients.  


It was decided that as group we needed to work on priorities that were having most impact on services to patients as discussed above.The Group was asked to vote for 1 item for each of the three priorities as follows..1 REGARDING ACCESSa) The Doctor to triage all appointment calls and either see or signpost to most appropriate person to deal with the problem.b) Consultations via Skype or FaceTime

c) Weekend opening of surgery(this may mean fewer appointments in the working week   

Please choose 1 

2.Ease of getting referral to other  services

a)A list of all community service providers in the Sheldon area

b) Surgery database that can made available to patients on request

c) NO changes. Happy with existing arrangements.


Please suggest 1 from the above

3. Standard of service received by patients. 

a)       Increase the number of sessions of the Lady Doctor.

b)       Promote use of NHS choices and IWANTGREATCARE.COM  and Friends and Family Test

c)Audit of NHS Choices reviews of the local Practices in the area and make appropriate changes

Please suggest 1 from above.


The views were sent to the PRG via E mail.The election voting results were as followsCONCLUSION:1Access to Practice,It was agreed that DR Jheeta should offer a phone triage service for appointments

2 Ease of getting referrals to other services.

A poster in the waiting room regarding access was chosen.

3. Standard of service received by patients.

Promote the use of NHS choices, IWANTGREATCARE.COM and use of the FRIENDS AND FAMILY TEST.


The Group felt that the Practice had progressed well over the last few years .The Group was pleased that significant changes had been made in the Practice over the last few years with the action plans that had been implemented. 1.ACCESS TO PRACTICEAlthough previous surveys had revealed the practice had a good access to services, it was felt that a lot of problems of patients could either be solved or discussed over the phone without actually seeing the Doctor and this would save a lot of time and resources both for the patients and the practice. This feedback was given by both patients and receptionists alike. The Group discussed how this could be implemented .It was felt rather than have a Doctor call time 11-1130am , that it would be better if the Doctor  took all the calls for appointment requests.2. EASE OF GETTING REFERRED TO SERVICES                                                  To community services, ie Physio, chiropody, Pharmacy, Anticoagulation clinics, Optometrists, mammograms etc.We agreed it would be sensible to have a poster regarding the services and the receptionists would sign post the patient.

3.       Assessing the standard of care received by patients.

We felt that as the world was becoming more IT savvy that we should use on line toolkits i.e.

Promote the of NHS choices and IWANTGREATCARE.COM and Friends and Family Test (handing out forms).

 As this was very important for patients, a b and c were chosen.


Layout an action plan for your surgery based on your PRG meetings and your survey findings.  Explain how you agreed the final action plan  1.ACCESS TO PRACTICEAction planDoctor Jheeta to triage all appointment requests and book in or signpost accordingly.Implementation:

A) Poster in waiting room                                                                            b) Advertise on B26 website

c) Advertise on Practice website via PPG report

ab and c)

2. EASE OF GETTING REFERRED TO SERVICES such as physiotherapy, chiropody, breast screening etc.


A) Poster in waiting room

A) Was chosen. To put a poster in the waiting room advising patients how to access services.

3. Feedback of services received by patients.

a)       Increase the number of sessions of the Lady Doctor.

b)       Promote use of NHS choices and IWANTGREATCARE.COM  and Friends and Family Test

c)Audit of NHS Choices reviews of the local Practices in the area and make appropriate changes

B was chosen


a)   Poster in waiting room

b)   Poster on B26 website

c)   Advertise on Practice website via PPG report.

As this was very important for patients, a b and c were chosen.



Action Task Timeline
  A Doctor triagesAll appointment requests To put a poster in the waiting room on B26 website and advertise on the Practice website via PPG report.. From commencing  1st April 2015
Better access to community services by Patients.  Poster in waiting room describing how to access the services.  By 1st April 2015   
Improved feedback of services received by promoting use of NHS choices, and Friends and Family test a) Poster in waiting roomb) Poster on B26 websitec)  Advertise on Practice website via  PPG report                                                                                     By 1st April 2015  





List your opening hours 

Monday   8.45-7.30pmTuesday, Thursday, Friday        8:45 – 6:45
Wednesday 8:30 – 12:30







List your extended hours.  Useful to put if they require a different booking system or are specialised clinicsExtended surgery hours Monday night until 7.30pm


Telephone number, address, how to access services (e.g. appointment booking, emergency appointments, out-of-hours) Services

Well Baby Clinics

The Health visitor is available on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month 1.30pm-3.00pm.

Baby Immunizations

Every Monday 1.45pm-3.00pm

Home Visits

These should be for those patients who are too ill to come to the surgery and must be requested before 10.00am. Patients requesting urgent home visits will speak to the Doctor on the telephone, the Doctor will then visit the patient.

Minor Surgery and Joint Injections

Please see Doctor to arrange these.

Counselors Available

See Doctor to discuss seeing the counselors.

Well Woman and Well Man Service Available

Make appointment with Nurse.

Cervical Screenings Available

Using LIQUID BASED CYTOLOGY. Book with Nurse.

CPN Available

Accessed via Doctor.

Out of Hours and Emergencies Tel: 0845 675 0568
Urgent calls only – Please use this service only in emergencies

This service is provided by ‘BADGER’ this is an organization run by the experienced G.P’s, who provide phone advice or consultation at one of the Primary Care Centre’s based at Heartlands Hospital and the old General Hospital. House visits are also available for housebound patients and those who are too ill to come to the surgery. Your nearest casualty is at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital (open 24 hours) or Solihull Hospital for injuries, sutures or major trauma.







Say where the re the report can be found.  Details of website.  Hard copies available in Surgery.  Copies sent to other organisations (dental/opticians/pharmacy/voluntary organisations.


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