Sheldon Country Park

Sheldon Country Park
Ragley Drive
B26 3TU

Senior Ranger
Dave Pilmer: e-mail

Opening times:
Summer: 10am – 5.00pm
Winter: – 4.00pm

Sheldon Country Park

On site cafe serving a variety of snacks and drinks.
Opening times:
Summer: daily 10.00am – 5.00pm
Winter: week ends only 10.00am 4.00pm

9 Responses to Sheldon Country Park

  1. If the winter weather is going to be like the above photograph, you won’t be able to use the snow covered picnic benches donated by the members of (The Sheldon-Residents-Association) but the
    in door cafeteria will be dry, warm and welcoming, try it, S-R-A. has.

  2. localresident says:

    Would the park consider placing dog poo bins on the Parkdale road side of the park where the entrances are? Its noticeable that some dog owners cant muster the energy to either walk across the park to the available ones or take them home, so a few extra bins would be useful.

  3. stuart cooper says:

    Same goes for drinks cans and rubbish by the bridge over the brook at mapledene/parkdale, the local pigs seem to find it impossible to dump their rubbish at home or even a litter bin, mind you if you put up a sign saying ‘litter bin’ the idiots probably wouldn’t be able to read it.

    • lolthurstan says:

      Stuart, As you seem very keen on the rubbish problem in the park. The “Friends Of Sheldon Country Park” are doing a brook clearance and litter pick on Sunday the 22nd March at 1030am, perhaps you would like to joint us, they are a great bunch of people.

      • stuart cooper says:

        Hi, If I can get the day off work I would love to take part, where would you meet up? Are you aware of any government or local council initiatives for using offenders to clear up areas, I know that the council is struggling financially at the moment but the sheer amount of beer cans and drinks cans being dumped is becoming a problem, could they not be recycled to make money to put back into the costs of clearing up, and you are right I really love my local park, the last time I lived here was 45 years ago and I used to go fishing in the brook, happy days.



  4. janet Flynn says:

    Hi am apporled and disgusted at the news I received today from one of the park rangers. The council is considering closing down the farm as it is none productive due to cut backs. This is disgusting as so many people find enjoyment here. It is a fantastic place for all ages. The council is putting up the rates so why on earth should a place like this suffer. It is so unfair.

  5. Mark says:

    Dear Lol,

    Is there a list of dates\activities planned by the ‘Friends’ for 2017? Publicising it here if there is might help raise the profile of the park, get more local folks involved if they are so minded. I’ve filled in the survey etc but of course realise the Council are up against the wall in terms of budgets -but the Park mustn’t go backwards – it’s the jewel in the B26 crown.

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