Law change alters waste management responsibilities for citizens

Amendments to national laws mean residents who fail to take all reasonable measures to ensure they transfer waste to authorised carriers could face fixed penalty notices (FPNs) of £200.

The council’s Licensing and Public Protection is being asked to approve the penalty fee at a meeting on January 16 following the implementation of The Environmental Protection (Miscellaneous Amendments) (England and Wales) Regulations 2018, which came into effect earlier this week (January 7).

In short, householders should check whether a person or business is authorised to take waste before they transfer their waste to them.

An authorised person is one of the following:

  1. Someone who has a valid registration as a carrier, broker or dealer of waste issued by the Environment Agency.
  2. A waste management operator who has an environmental permit or registered exemption to accept such waste issued by the Environment Agency.

The duty of care requirement equates to the householder asking the person or business they transfer their waste to (or who arranges the transfer) for evidence of their authorisation, such as a copy of their waste carriers registration or proof of their exemption registration.

Householders can also use the Environment Agency public register to check any evidence of registration provided to them either online ( or by telephone (03708 506 506).

A decision on whether to issue a FPN or take an offender to court will be made on a case-by-case basis, against Crown Prosecutors’ guidance.

If a FPN is issued and a resident does not pay it for whatever reason, the matter will be referred to the magistrates’ court for summonses to be issued.

As well as being another tool that helps the effort to achieve clean streets, the FPNs can also reduce the workload of the courts, so they can focus on more substantial cases.

Cllr Barbara Dring, Chair of Birmingham City Council’s Licensing and Public Protection Committee, said: “We intend to use the new powers available to councils to create policies and regulations that address local wishes and concerns.

“We know the top priority for the people of Birmingham is clean streets – and hope that the risk of a fixed penalty notice makes citizens think very carefully about how they dispose of their waste.

“When residents utilise the services of firms that offer to take their waste away after they have done something like a spring clean or DIY work, the law now makes it very clear there is a duty upon them to take all reasonable measures in the circumstances to ensure that they only transfer household waste produced on that property to an authorised person.”

Cllr Majid Mahmood, Cabinet Member for Clean Streets, Waste and Recycling added: “Everyone has a role to play when it comes to clean streets – from the services the council delivers, through to businesses to individual citizens.

 “This will reduce the chance of waste ending up in the hands of those who would fly-tip it, which comes at a cost to the public purse, and is money that could be used in much better ways to deliver other important services to the people of Birmingham.

“The message is clear – do not fly-tip as the penalties are being tougher and we will do everything within our power to prosecute offenders.”



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Sheldon Town Team

Sheldon now has a Sheldon Town Manager, John Coyle. At the last Sheldon Ward meeting, John informed the delegates that he had produced a newsletter for the  traders on the Coventry Road, he also said he would like it put onto the B26 website. John visited me today with a few copies of the newsletter called the ‘Sheldon Bugle’. Please see below copies of the newsletter.



(click on the pages to read the newsletter)



John Coyle, Sheldon Town Manager. email:




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Ageing Better in Birmingham

A few days ago I was contacted by Kate Gomez from ‘Ageing Better In Birmingham’. She was very keen to come along and speak with me about this subject. I was most interested in what it was all about. With this in mind, I arranged a meeting at my office to find out more about this.

She informed me that there was some funding from the National Lottery that could help our senior people of the age group from 50 plus in the Yardley community. This funding could help a group set up some type of activity for their group, it may help them with equipment or other needs. Kate was keen to get this out into the wider community and B26 website could give this project the right type of exposure. 

Neighbours, friends and people coming together in the community can make a real difference to the lives of isolated older people. By looking out for each other and taking time to say hello and speak to our neighbours, we can break down barriers between young and old, different communities, backgrounds, experiences and living arrangements. 

If you have an idea to bring people in your community together, matter how innovative or unique, and it is something people aged over 50 in your community want to do then Ageing Better in Birmingham can support you with this. The programme can also help with start-up costs of up to £2,000.

So far Ageing Better has supported a huge variety of activities across Birmingham, including skills workshops in cake decoration, using smart phones and safe internet browsing, exercise classes such as yoga, Bhangra, Pickleball and traditional Bosnian folk dancing, art classes in mosaic, painting and paper crafts. Whatever your idea is, we look forward to hearing about it! For more information, please visit, contact at the Ageing Better City Wide Hub on 0121 437 0033 or email

Ageing Better in Birmingham is funded by a £6million, six-year grant from the Big Lottery Fund’s Fulfilling Lives initiative 

Kate Gomez

Project Co-ordinator for the Ageing Better City Wide Hub

Mobile: 07852 577255

Direct Line: 0121 362 3656




Lol Thurstan. Editor & Publisher of B26. Supporting ‘Ageing Better In Birmingham’.

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Sheldon Police Neighbourhood Team update


Sheldon team twitter updates:

Sheldon Police @SheldonWMP 05/01/18            

Pcsos are conducting reassurance patrols and WM Now sign ups in relation to distraction burglaries in the area 

Sheldon Police @SheldonWMP Jan 4 

Today we have seized a vehicle off the roads, for having no tax!

Sheldon Police @SheldonWMP Jan 2

PCSO’s have located and seized a stolen vehicle this afternoon…another one found

Sheldon Police

B26 working with & supporting Sheldon Neighbourhood Team in 2019

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Shock news as one of Sheldon’s popular curry venue loses liquor license

Top Indian restaurant has its alcohol licence stripped permanently after employing illegal immigrants… and its famous diners include Home Secretary Sajid Javid

  • Jilabi, in Sheldon, Birmingham, has had its alcohol licence permanently stripped
  • Sajid Javid was pictured at restaurant last year and had a curry named after him
  • Three men from Bangladesh were found to be working illegally at the restaurant 

An Indian restaurant, where Sajid Javid has been pictured eating, has had its alcohol licence stripped after it was found to employ illegal immigrants.  

Jilabi, in Sheldon, Birmingham, had its alcohol licence permanently stripped after police searched the premises last month and arrested three men from Bangladesh. 

Facebook posts show the Home Secretary, who is MP for Bromsgrove, photographed at the restaurant last year.

The venue also reportedly renamed one of its curries Sajids Railway Lamb in honour of his visit.

Five men tried to run out the back door when police, Home Office and immigration officials searched the restaurant on November 23, reports Birmingham Live

Three of the men, who were all from Bangladesh, were arrested with one of them having been an illegal immigrant since 2010.  

Police also found that staff training wasn’t up to standard and that there wasn’t any CCTV, which was a further breach of Jilabi’s licence. 

The restaurant, which was nominated in the English Curry Awards, had its licence suspended on December 7 before the decision to remove it was made this week.

In August the Home Secretary visited the Indian restaurant and pictures were shared on Facebook.

The restaurant wrote: ‘So we had the honor of having the Home Secretary of United Kingdom Sajid Javid pass through yesterday evening, enjoying the Railway Lamb Curry with his family. We have now renamed it Sajid’s Railway Lamb’ 

Other famous faces who have visited the Indian restaurant include Midsomer Murders actor Jason Hughes, who paid a visit in October. 

BirminghamLive reports that the restaurant expanded into a former Chinese restaurant next door in 2014 but kept two licences.

Abdul Rouf, one of the joint licence holders, claimed two of the immigrants started a trial period the day before the raid.

He said that he hadn’t checked their paperwork as he had taken a day off at short notice.

He also said that the third man had been working at Jilabi for around two weeks and they had only seen his driving licence.

Since the inspection Mr Rouf said he had hired an administrator to help with paperwork and had installed CCTV.

He said: ‘I’m responsible for everything that went on and going forward I have taken on board our mistakes.’  



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A local Christmas Dinner raises money for charity


On Friday 14th December 2018 a charity Christmas Dinner took place at Sheldon Heath Social Club with live entertainment and a visit from Father Christmas. 120 people attended from  various organizations, Yardley Widows, Sheldon Library, St Leonard’s Church Marston Green and various local senior citizens from the Sheldon community. 


(click on the photos to see a larger image)

This wonderful Christmas Dinner provided and cooked by the Bar & Catering Manager Wendy and her staff at the Sheldon Heath Social Club. This helped to raise a fantastic £300 for the British Heart Foundation, Diabetes UK and Cancer UK.


I would personally like to thank the staff of Sheldon Heath Social club for all their hard work. This event would not have been such a success without the support from Tesco, Morrisons and the CO-OP, their donations of prizes and vouchers was very much appreciated. It would be remiss of not to say a special thank you to Painters Funeral Directors, Stephen & Philip who made a generous donation of £150.

Thank you to everyone for making it a lovely, enjoyable afternoon.

Happy New Year

Kind Regards

Brian Miles


B26 would like to also thank Brian and everybody who helped raised this money for charity.

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Welcome to 2019

As the heading says ‘Welcome to 2019’, however, hold on tight it might be a very bumpy road ahead. 

2018 was indeed a very difficult year. The great British public have indeed lost faith in our politicians. Brexit has divided the nation, 52% against 48% for leaving the EU. You have people in all of the three main parties who’s MP’s are either for or against leaving the EU, very much reflecting the referendum vote that the then Prime Minister David Cameron, agreed to hold in June 2016.

Theresa May came back from the EU with a so called deal for leaving the EU on the 29th March that she realised the Parliament of this country would not accept, therefore, she cancelled the vote in the House of Commons, thus throwing the time scale of the 29th March leaving date in some difficulty. She has been popping over to see the EU Council of Ministers in hope of securing a legally binding deal over the Irish Border backstop.

While all this has been going on since the referendum vote of 2016, everything else has been put onto the back burner. We have a crisis of a huge increase homeless people sleeping on our streets in 2019, a NHS falling apart through lack of some organisation, a huge increase in gun and knife crime, people crossing the channel in flimsy boats trying to get into the UK with a Border Force with not enough boats to deal with the problem. These are just a few of the problems that are not being dealt with. When are we going to get some leadership in this country, also if there was an election who would you vote for? I think they should bring back David Cameron who cause all of this problem in the first place and make him to sort it all out.


Now I’ve got that off my chest. I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year for 2019, and keep flying with B26.

Lol Thurstan. Editor & Publisher of B26


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