Neighbourhood Watch

I am Lol Thurstan and I am Lead Co-ordinator of Rosecroft, Chaffcombe & Fulford NW group. I set this group up with the help of Ray Crisp who acts as my Deputy Co-ordinator, and we have 36 fully paid up members.

I am hoping that setting up a “B26 Community” we will be able to communicate with groups within Sheldon, such as Freinds of Sheldon Country Park, and I hope we can keep each other in formed about NW matters or the many other things that happen in and around our area.

Sheldon Country Park often have events through the year that can be communicated through this type format.

6 Responses to Neighbourhood Watch

  1. Well done Lol, and Ray, you have done a great job in getting this website setup. I think it will be a great asset to the Sheldon community.

  2. This is a lovely blog, nice work. I found you via Steph’s post and video on Podnosh’s site. Good luck with your communications and activities.

  3. Dr B Jheeta says:

    Lol you are doing a great job, Keep it up. Dr Jheeta

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