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  1. Hi everyone, What a great idea this page is. I would like to tell you all about Sheldon Community Netball, we started life back in 1992 as Sheldon Little League and 21 years on we are still going strong under the title of Sheldon Community Netball. We offer young girls from the age of 8 through to 14 the chance to play Netball in a safe a friendly environment. We play 10 weeks of the year from April – July. The league is run entirely by unpaid volunteers. We are based at Elms Farm Community Primary School. For more info leave me a message on here! Thanks.

  2. Mike Smith says:

    I just want to say what a splendid job Lol Thurstan is doing in producing this web site.
    We need to improve the awareness of this important site.
    I am quite prepared to deliver flyers advertising it, does anyone else have any ideas ?.

  3. If you like where you live,? be part of it and give a little of your time to help improve it.
    We can’t rely on others to carry out improvements which are certainly needed.
    Sheldon requires vast improvement for the benefit of Sheldon Residents.
    Ted Edenborough “Sheldon-Residents-Association”

  4. Ted Edenborough Sheldon-Residents-Association. says:

    News has reached me today regarding litter picking along the A 45 Coventry road Sheldon, the normal picking of litter is soon to be another blow to our area of Sheldon, litter picking by council workers is soon to be scraped BUT NOT on the A 45 Coventry road SMALL-HEATH,
    I have also been told that the mechanical road sweeper machines have almost been scraped
    and only Five machines will be retained for service, (I suspect for the city centre).
    Leaves from our residential roads trees will not be collected and there fore will lie where ever
    the wind leaves them to rot along with the litter.

    What on earth is this local council idling their time away in the big house, (Council-House)
    doing to our city, well the areas around like Sheldon etc.
    Last week a number of street cleaners were given their marching orders, and I am informed
    that there will be the grand number of THREE personnel to clear up the litter but I wasn’t told
    the locations etc, in the future I will be looking out for the cleanest roads and then I will know
    the location of the street cleaners.
    If any of you good and conscientious residents find where the cleanest roads are Please let me
    know either through B 26 or me direct, my email below.
    I remain most sincerely Ted Edenborough S-R-A.

  5. Ted Edenborough a member of the Sheldon-Residents-Association. says:

    Hi Lol, A couple of weeks ago whilst walking along the Coventry road Sheldon I did notice that two of the new lamp standards had been fitted with a blue coloured electrical socket at the top of the poles, one either side of the high-way near to Halfords, I thought at the time oh here we go again only two Christmas decorations to be fitted, How wrong I was, today I noticed that the sockets were installed for the electric supply to the N.P.R system (which I fully agree with).
    But on visiting the Yew-Tree area Yesterday (Wednesday 12 th November) I noticed that every
    lamp standard within the shopping area has an electrical socket fitted at the top of the pole ready for the Christmas lights, We again are being denied, I don’t blame our local councillors, it’s further up the tree., those that control the purse strings.
    My belief is that being that our council is at the moment being run by a Labour council and our area of Sheldon is represented by Lib-Dem’s, the ruling council will not co-operate with Lib-Dem’s because they are hoping that come the general election Sheldon residents will be voting for them, I must emphasize that when we had a coalition council ie Conservative and Lib-Dem’s we did have Christmas -Lights and switching on in the precinct, now nothing.
    No more Sheldon in bloom, no more Sheldon Pride, no more area competitions for Sheldon-in-Bloom now no more Christmas lights again,
    What is next on the list ? Sheldon-Farm ? I dread to think.

  6. Ted Edenborough vice chairman Sheldon-Residents-Association. says:

    Hello Lol, Have you heard or seen Amey’s latest slogan?
    Well hear is, Towards the later days of July notices were attached to the lamp standards at the top and bottom of Herron-Dale road stating that work will commence on the 17 th of August 2015 ie modification to dropped kerbs,
    Also whilst travelling along Coventry road Hay Mills on Saturday 22 nd August and having to stop due to traffic signals at the bottom of Kings road there is also an Amey sign stating that work will
    commence along Kings road starting 23 rd July 2015.
    I can only say that when and if work is finally started residents and motorist will be the ones suffering unexpectedly delays.

  7. Terry Lancaster says:

    Lol…Where in Manston Road is the meeting held…What Number?
    Cracking website…Well done!
    Terry Lancaster

  8. Hi All. Just wanted you to know of the local Retired Greyhound Trust which run lots of events in the local area to raise awareness of what great pets greyhounds make. They are always looking for “forever” homes for these retired racers. Why not pop over and have a look at there website

  9. Sharon richards says:

    Hi lol . Are you attending tonight’s speed watch meeting . At 7pm Sheldon Heath social club . Would like to pass something by you . Regarding having an avent in Sheldon country park for Sunday 10th July . Or if not attending tonight . Would you please inbox or email your mobile number please . Thanks Sharon Richards

  10. David asbury says:

    Hi There,
    nice local site. I praise your efforts to get the crap cleaned from the 2 gullies on the cov rd, BUT wouldn’t your energy be better spent getting a pedestrian crossing put between the two halves of the country park?

    • lolthurstan says:

      Hi David, They are putting a new cycle/walking path in the country park starting next month this should include a crossing where you are talking about. Wwe had a meeting yesterday with the department called Landscape Practice who will be doing the path and Amey will dot the crossing.

  11. David asbury says:

    Hi Lol,
    saw the path notices in the park, good to hear about the crossing.

    whilst i’m on a rant 🙂 can you arrange for someone to stick a cheese wire across cranes park road, maybe we can decapitate that arse on that bike with the modified(?) exhaust that we have to suffer every year.

  12. Bala Jaspal says:

    Hello there I would like to offer any help or support we can Rotary Club of Yardley and Sheldon please can email

  13. Kenny says:

    Hello Folks,
    I have just discovered this fab blog of B26 Community and i have been reading it with keen interest. What a wonderful community hub this is! I will like to come along to residents or community meetings. Please kind advise me when the next one is due. Thank you very much indeed.

  14. Ray Tempest says:

    Hi Lol
    Rumour has it that the Ivy Leaf club on Coventry road has been sold and is about to be demolished. Do you have any info regarding this

  15. Mrs Tena Powell says:

    I have been living in Sheldon for over 32 years and never have l felt discussed then now .B26 on Coventry road between boots and sapore shops it’s a mess lots of rubbish there . Could some one please get someone to clear it up also the pavements are a health and safety issue. Thank you
    Mrs T Powell

    • lolthurstan says:

      Hi Tena Powell, I will pass this message onto a friend of mine


      • Mike Smith says:

        I presume the lady is referring to the passageway close to Boots. This has been a source of trouble for years and unfortunately does not belong to the BCC.
        It has been cleared before but soon builds up again.
        The remaining area is cleaned every day except Thursdays and Sundays.
        The broken paving slabs are being replaced as we speak.
        We can’t really ask for more from our strapped for cash Council.

  16. Alison Hinett says:

    What can be done about the parking of vehicles on the verge (service road parallel to A45 Coventry Road)? Where there used to be grass, daffodils, crocuses etc is now churned up and muddy and this in turn blocks the drain. There are also cars parked fully on the footpath at the top of the road by Brays Road. Pedestrians have to walk in the road and risk getting run over.

    • lolthurstan says:

      Hi Alison, This is quite a big problem in the Sheldon & Yardley Wards. Can I suggest that you come along to the next Sheldon Ward Forum at St Giles School Hall. the local Councillors Paul Tilsley & Mike Ward will also be in attendance. The next meeting I think is the 10th March, however, if you keep looking on B26, it will be publicised on there.

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