75th anniversary of VE Day

We in Great Britain and also the rest of the world, have been going through a different kind of war than the 1939-45 War. We are fighting a war at the moment that we can’t see and many brave people in the NHS and other supporting services, have unfortunately have paid a very heavy price with their lives. No doubt there with be a vaccine produced that hopefully, will kill this enemy, as they say, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’.

As you all know this is very special day of celebrations, however, with the lockdown, we are not able to have street parties, or go to our clubs and pubs to celebrate this momentous day. There were of course many sacrifices made by the armed service people from the Commonwealth, America, Europe and of course Great Britain, who fought Hitler until he was defeated and Germany surrendered on May 8th 1945. However, we must not forget the Home Guard, the vounteer fire fighters, the people in the factories and the Land Army girls who helped bring food to our tables and of course not forgetting the Merchant Navy who lost many sailors due to U-boat attacks.

I hope all of you manage to have a glass of something, or even a cup of tea to celebrate this momentous day. 

Lol Thurstan. Editor & Publisher of B26


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