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I’m sure many of you will be visiting Sheldon Country Park during 2020. We have spent quite a lot of money throughout 2019 improving the venue, no doubt you the local community will continue visiting  in 2020. The comments we get from the general public is fantastic.          I was meeting up with my relatives from different parts of the country in the early part of the new year, at a hotel in Bromsgrove. My nephew from Ramsgate was telling me he visited one of his friends from way back, he lives quite local. He was telling me they visited Sheldon Country Park, he was so impressed he was telling me all about it. After he finished telling me about it, I remarked that live close by to the farm and sit on the friends group committee. He was amazed I live that near to it and he said you wouldn’t think that this farm was in a big city like Birmingham, it’s like being in the countryside.

If you, like me, think the same way as I do, like all the thousands of people who visit. Why not get involved and make sure we keep this venue open free for all of the community. Make a difference in 2020 and come along and join the friends group. Please see the poster below.

(click on the poster to read all of the details)

Friends Of Sheldon Country Park try to put on events throughout the year to raise funds to improve the venue. One of our problems is, finding items for raffles and tombolas etc which helps with the funding of the farm. Please see the poster below, you may be able to help. 


I want to start off my first report from the Sheldon Traffic Action Group, by saying what a great job these lads did in 2019 monitoring the speed of traffic through the Sheldon area. However, they have had quite a few problems with the Highways Department. This group managed to raise several thousands of pounds of funding for new equipment, however, the Cabinet Member for Transport & Environment, Councillor Waseem Zaffar MBE, has not treated this group with respect.  They have been severely over charged for the installation of this equipment and warranty payments which were not required.

Having said all of that, this group of people continue to be out there monitoring traffic speeds even through the festive period. Colin Parker, the Secretary, has sent me two slides for you to see for yourself what the figures on a summary analysis for speeding in Sheldon 2017/18/19. he has also sent me the figures for December 2019.


(please click on the slides to read all of the information)



B26 working to keep the community updated


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