Has Parliament finally lost the plot?

B26 has not spoken for over 3-years on Brexit. However, I am now so angry with our MP’s, that I feel I must now say something.                                                                                                                                 B26 has supported our police in their fight against crime and the budget cuts that it has had to work with over these past few years. But…we have seen crime rise to its highest level for many years.                                                                                              We have a major problem with our NHS regarding funding and staff levels. I know this because I represent our local GP Practice on the Clinical Commissioning Group for Birmingham & Solihull. I also represent the patients at our GP Practice on the PPG group (Patients Participation Group).                      We have high levels of obesity in young children, and adults, that needs to be dealt with due to the fact it can cause diabetes, which if not dealt with, could financially finish off the NHS. With have problems with our courts and the whole of the judicial system, plus sentencing of the perpetrators of serious crime. These are only a few of the things that need attention at the moment.

So while all this is going what are our politicians doing? They are behaving like spoilt children. For over 3-years now, they have been arguing on what to do, they threw out Theresa May’s deal three times. She decided to throw in the towel. So now we have Boris Johnson trying to get the latest deal he secured with the EU through the house on ‘Super Saturday’. We have the ‘Benn Act’, that more or less says, we couldn’t leave without a deal, which most of the MP’s were saying we needed to do. So where are we now?

The position now is that Sir Oliver Letwin has thrown a large spanner into the works, by proposing an amendment on ‘Super Saturday’  that Parliament would withhold final support for the agreement until the necessary legislation for it is approved. This was passed by 322 votes to 306. This meant that the original proposal for the deal the Boris had agreed with the EU was not put to the House.

Boris now has had to write a letter to the EU requesting an extension. I understand he sent a letter, but not signed it. However, we are now getting very near to the 31st October when Boris has said that we are definitely leaving the EU. Also, Jean-Claude Junker, the European Commission President, has already said there will not be an extension, he leaves his job soon and he wants this wrapped up. 

As you can see from the slide, this was typical of surveys that were in the weekend daily’s , not an exact science, but in general what most of the public feel, not the people who love marching in London. It must also be remembered that the MP’s who who voted yes! for the amendment yesterday. many of them are from leave constituencies. Yardley for example voted 60.9% Leave 39.91% Remain. Just a thought. 

I will leave you with something that my wife said this morning when I broached the subject of ‘Super Saturday’ to her. “I’m b….y fed up, every time I put the TV on, it’s Brexit, Brexit Brexit. I don’t understand it. If it takes more than three years for grown up people to make a decision, then God help us.”



Lol Thurstan. Editor & Publisher of B26



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7 Responses to Has Parliament finally lost the plot?

  1. Councillor Mike Ward says:

    I marched in London yesterday. I have done so twice before. So “B26” ( = Lol Thurstan) thinks I enjoy it? I don’t enjoy it. I have far more pleasant things to do, but I don’t want this country to throw itself off a cliff like lemmings, just because a small majority of the public supported a dishonest campaign over three years ago. A majority of our MPs agree with me and I thank them for that. If we do eventually leave the EU, far from being the end of a process, it will be the start of a long struggle in which we have chosen to isolate ourselves from our nearest neighbours

  2. John Coyle says:

    Lol, there are no easy answers here and I do understand the build up of public frustration. I voted remain but once the results were in expected those in charge to use the ample time they had to ensure that when we left a deal would be in place that protected the economy, workers etc and gave us a decent chance to rebuild in the brave new world some foresaw. I have seen nothing to convince me that this has been done, many of the people MPs, business leaders etc who advocate it’s okay to crash out with no deal are well heeled enough to withstand any short to medium term financial downturn. The rest of the community as always will pay the price and those at the bottom of the pile who thought that Brexit was the solution to their woes are likely to find out otherwise. In the meantime Rees Mogg , Farage and the like will be skulking in the shadows blaming it all on others while they continue to live the good life.

    • lolthurstan says:

      Hi John, Thank you for your most interesting comments. It is always appreciated by me when people comment on the articles that I write. Please keep commenting, Once again Thank You!

  3. I grew up in Sheldon, but have lived in Dublin for 20 years now. Please permit me to share my views on why Brexit is taking so long, and to give a perspective from within the EU27. The process to leave the EU legally commenced when your former PM gave notice to the European Council that the UK intended to leave. She and her government, however, neglected to decide beforehand what type of Brexit they wanted and how it was going to be achieved. A series of undeliverable ‘red-lines’ were asserted that further reduced the UK’s negotiating options. This lack of planning and clarity has bedeviled Britain’s negotiations for the last 3 years and is the reason why we are all frustrated with the process, whether you’re in the UK, Ireland or mainland Europe. However, forcing through a Brexit for which the UK is poorly prepared is a really bad idea no matter how much people are frustrated. Maybe the matter should go back to the People for them to decide whether they wish to leave the EU on Boris Johnson’s terms after all, or, having seen the chaos, re-think whether Brexit was such a good idea after all. Either way, your European neighbors would really rather you decided one way of the other, and soon!

  4. lolthurstan says:

    Hi Desmond, Thank you very much for responding to my article “Has Parliament lost the plot”. You make some very interesting points that our readers can digest. I think you given this a lot of thought and another interesting point of view which is very much appreciated.
    I hope when this is finally sorted, the country can pull together and start to re-build Britain

  5. JimS says:

    The question was quite simple, some of us have been waiting 40 plus years to be asked!
    Most of us decided to leave. That is quite simple too, it means having the same relationship with the EU as most of the other countries in the world have too. It seems to work for China and the USA.
    The difficulty wasn’t that we didn’t know what we were voting for, the difficulty was that neither the government nor the parliament wanted us to leave so they have made it as hard as possible. The result is that we have been offered a re-worked Albanian Accession Treaty so that we stay fully-aligned with the EU, keep paying the fees, lose our vote and are trussed-up ready to rejoin, complete with the Euro and inside the Schengen zone.
    For forty years the europhiles, aided and abetted by the BBC, have kept the plans of the ‘European Project’ a secret, a United States of Europe run by a Franco-German bureacracy.
    What has the EU done for us? Raised food prices, stolen our fish, our public utilities, manufacturing and destroyed our democracy. If we stay in it will steal our military and our financial services.
    ‘We’ knew what we were voting for alright, did ‘you’?

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