Easter weekend at Sheldon Country Park

It seems a very long time since the Christmas holidays Well… the Easter holiday is here, the weather looks set to be very nice with lots of sunshine. B26 is proud to keep you updated on what is on at the country park.                                                  Not only are there lots of things to do at the farm there are other things on as well. Please look at the posters below of things that may appeal to you and your family. 

If you have young children then Moo Music will be in attendance at an Easter event on Saturday 20th April. They are doing £1 tasters in the classroom during the charity Egg Hunt fun day. If you have any questions you can  contact them on 07908785543, or book at http://www.moo-music.co.uk/sheldon. Please see details of Moo Music poster below.

The Parks Rangers and other Community Groups have events planned over the Easter Bank Holiday period at Sheldon Country Park and Rectory Farm.  On Monday 22nd April 2019, Joyful Bellas & Fellas(JBF) a Cycling UK Community Cycling Club, welcome the opportunity to support events taking place by promoting cycling around the Country Park.  JBF will be utilising the bikes stored in the Sheldon bike hub located within the secure compound of Rectory Farm, Ed Wicks of the The Active Wellbeing Services has kindly provided a few children bikes for the event.    JBF will be setting up a table within the Old Rectory Farm compound near the Rangers office.    Attached is a poster for the event, will you please arrange for it to  be posted on the Facebook pages of the Sheldon Country Park and the Old Farm Rectory Farm, by copy of this email, we are asking B26 to post the poster on their website too.
A hardcopy will be provided to the neighbouring Libraries shortly.
JBF will ensure to liaise with the Rangers based at the Farm and Country Park, and will be putting measures in place, already verbally discussed with Robert Butwell, to ensure the general public do not breach restricted areas of the farm and have agreed a process of accessing the bikes which won’t hinder the day to day operations. 
On site contact on the day will be Lorraine Grandison.    Ranger contact will be Robert Butwell
Should you have any queries, regarding this event, will you please call Lorraine Grandison on: 07752585661, email lorraine_grandison@hotmail.com.   These details are not for general posting. 



B26 supporting all activities in Sheldon Country Park this Easter 

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