Sheldon Neighbourhood Team

As ever B26 is supporting our Sheldon Neighbourhood Team. Please see the latest updates below. Click on the photos to see more detail.



                 No 1                                              No 2                                                No 3


                  No 4                                                    N0 5                                          N0 6


            No 7                                            No 8                                                   No 9


No 10

No 1 Sheldon Police‏ @SheldonWMP Jan 20

This morning we have seized a suspicious vehicle which turned out to be displaying FALSEPLATES – vehicle recovered and safely off the roads

No 2 Sheldon Police‏ @SheldonWMP Jan 20

Officers have seized another vehicle this morning for no insurance…driver has also been ARRESTED for Drug Related offence

No 3 Sheldon Police‏ @SheldonWMP Jan 22

WARRANT has been conducted this morning by northumbriapol, with Sheldon NHT Officers and OSU_WMP. These individuals have targeted elderly and vulnerable victims, conspiring to defraud them of £100,000’s. After a nationwide investigation, we now have 2 individuals in custody.

No 4 Sheldon Police‏ @SheldonWMP Jan 24

Today we have seized a KNIFE off the streets of Sheldon, thanks to some great community intel!

No 5  Solihull Police Partnerships‏ @SHPartnerships Jan 25

Team briefing this afternoon in Solihull before targeted patrols on the transport network to tackle knife crime and exploitation of young /vulnerable people CountyLines Great team work SHTaskforce ST_Police SheldonWMP BTP

No 6 Sheldon Police‏ @SheldonWMP Jan 31

Pcso’s out knocking doors in Manor House Lane signing resident’s up to wmnow and giving out crime prevention advice

No 7 Sheldon Police‏ @SheldonWMP Jan 30

Officers have seized a vehicle this afternoon which was STOLEN and on FALSEPLATES – also recovered from inside were other VRM plates which have been used in crime. Further enquiries underway

No 8 Solihull Police Partnerships‏ @SHPartnerships Jan 29

Don’t be tempted to leave your vehicle unattended with the engine running while defrosting. We have had 2 cars stolen recently in Solihull in these circumstances. Thieves drive around on frosty mornings looking for opportunities to steal vehicles please make sure it’s not yours!

No 9 Sheldon Police @SheldonWMPFeb 2

PCSO’s have recovered another stolen vehicle on false plates from Comberton road

No 10 Sheldon Police‏ @SheldonWMP Feb 7

The Sheldon Team are down at Morrisons on the Cov Rd…we’re promoting WMNow as well as giving out crucial crime prevention advice.

Police Community Support Officer 31271 Mav HAQ  

Sheldon Neighbourhood Team
Birmingham East  NPU | West Midlands Police
T: 101 (ext. 844 3174) |

Preventing crime, protecting the public and helping those in need.

If it’s not 999, search WMP Online



Mike Rogers from West Midlands Police Special Constabulary receives the MBE


The Head of West Midlands Police’s Special Constabulary had his own extra special moment this week after receiving his MBE.

Mike Rogers was given the royal seal of approval in recognition of being a police volunteer for almost 50 years.

Specials Chief Officer Michael Rogers 70527

The 67-year-old is the current WMP Special Constabulary Chief Officer and helps oversee the force’s 150-plus volunteer officers.

Specials play a vital role in working alongside regular officers to catch criminals and keep the public safe.

Mike is a lawyer by day but dedicates around 80 hours to the police each month for free while also offering support to others doing such a valuable service.

Chief Officer Michael (Mike) Rogers collects his MBE with wife June

The keen fundraiser also commits his spare time to raising money for charity – and in particular Compton Hospice in his hometown of Wolverhampton where his wife June is a volunteer.

The grandfather-of-one Mike was invited to Buckingham Palace on Tuesday (5 February) to receive his honour.

He said: “It was an incredibly proud moment and something I will never forget.

“I take great satisfaction in being a volunteer police officer and being able to make a positive impact.

“It has been part of my life for almost five decades and I hope to be able to carry on for some years yet.

“I feel humbled to get an MBE but consider it a reflection of what all Specials do and the sacrifice they make.

“There are many others who dedicate their spare time, while often juggling work and home commitments, and I applaud everyone else who volunteers this way.

“The Special Constabulary has gone through huge change in recent years as have our regular colleagues who we support. Specials are now fully trained, empowered and equipped to make a meaningful contribution.“

Specials have the same powers as regular officers and wear the same uniform; hours are flexible but they are required to volunteer a minimum of four hours each week, or more if they can spare the time.

Interested in becoming a special? Visit



B26 would like to offer our congratulations to Mike Rogers

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