Refuse collectors dispute causing concerns once again in Birmingham

Once again we the residents of Birmingham are having to put up with rubbish left over from Christmas being left out on our streets because we don’t know if the refuse collectors may decide to come along and pick it up.                                           I bet when Birmingham City Council send out their new Community Charge bills, I bet they won’t let us decide whether we decide to pay them or not.                                                                            We the citizens of Birmingham are paying for a service we are not getting. Please read below what one of our local residents had to say today on this present situation.

Mr Mahmood,
Everyone including myself is asking for clean streets.
There is no way that this City is ready for hosting any National or International events of any kind under the present conditions. We are as a City a disgusting spectacle and have been for some time.
I do not think that the instructions from BCC which is probably yourself are helping the situation, ie “Leave your recycling outside your house ready for the next collection.
My road (B263RS) under that instruction is currently looking like a landfill site  with rubbish ,cardboard, food boxes and plastic bottles and cans lining the gutters and making a bad situation even worse.
Please would you consider these instructions in the future.
Mike Smith (Hatchford Brook WatersideCare Group)

This the reply for Councillor Majid Mahood. Mr Mahood is the Cabinet Member responsible for your refuse collections.


Thank you for your email the contents which I have noted.

Unfortunately we are in the middle of industrial action which has led to a drop in service delivery.

We have put in place measures to assist with contingency crews operating between 2 -10.

That’s why we have asked for citizens to keep their bins presented.

We are reviewing the operations going forward to ensure we are able to collect all types of waste on the scheduled day.

In the meantime can I thank you for your patience.

Kind regards

Councillor Mike Ward who represents the Sheldon Ward said in response to Cllr Mahood: Do you support the workers’ industrial action, Majid?


Councillor Mike Ward


The war hots up on the collection of our rubbish. 

Lol Thurstan. Editor & Publisher of B26

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2 Responses to Refuse collectors dispute causing concerns once again in Birmingham

  1. Craig says:

    A disgrace why don’t the council sack the lot and put it out to tender from a company outside our city as it is gross insubordination once again bullyboy tactics laziness and a no care attitude towards the very people who pay their wages no respect they want more money for doing part time working

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