Ageing Better in Birmingham

A few days ago I was contacted by Kate Gomez from ‘Ageing Better In Birmingham’. She was very keen to come along and speak with me about this subject. I was most interested in what it was all about. With this in mind, I arranged a meeting at my office to find out more about this.

She informed me that there was some funding from the National Lottery that could help our senior people of the age group from 50 plus in the Yardley community. This funding could help a group set up some type of activity for their group, it may help them with equipment or other needs. Kate was keen to get this out into the wider community and B26 website could give this project the right type of exposure. 

Neighbours, friends and people coming together in the community can make a real difference to the lives of isolated older people. By looking out for each other and taking time to say hello and speak to our neighbours, we can break down barriers between young and old, different communities, backgrounds, experiences and living arrangements. 

If you have an idea to bring people in your community together, matter how innovative or unique, and it is something people aged over 50 in your community want to do then Ageing Better in Birmingham can support you with this. The programme can also help with start-up costs of up to £2,000.

So far Ageing Better has supported a huge variety of activities across Birmingham, including skills workshops in cake decoration, using smart phones and safe internet browsing, exercise classes such as yoga, Bhangra, Pickleball and traditional Bosnian folk dancing, art classes in mosaic, painting and paper crafts. Whatever your idea is, we look forward to hearing about it! For more information, please visit, contact at the Ageing Better City Wide Hub on 0121 437 0033 or email

Ageing Better in Birmingham is funded by a £6million, six-year grant from the Big Lottery Fund’s Fulfilling Lives initiative 

Kate Gomez

Project Co-ordinator for the Ageing Better City Wide Hub

Mobile: 07852 577255

Direct Line: 0121 362 3656




Lol Thurstan. Editor & Publisher of B26. Supporting ‘Ageing Better In Birmingham’.

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