St Giles Beer Festival

St Giles 8 2014 St Giles Beer Festival 7th June 2014 St Giles 8 2014

After a very wet start to the day of the first ever Beer Festival at St Giles Church Sheldon, it turned into a lovely day with plenty of sunshine and an excellent crowd. Below are some photographs of the day and and a few words from one of our local Councillors.

Sheldon Beer Festival shots 5    Sheldon Beer Festival shots 4    Sheldon Beer Festival shots 7

Sheldon Beer Festival shots 9

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It was great to see so many local people enjoying themselves earlier today at the St Giles Beer Festival.  The rather mixed weather seemed to have done nothing to deter Sheldon folk from attending, when I dropped in at around 4pm.  John Askin of Tallington Road had enjoyed the little-known talents of John Hemming MP on the piano in the Church Hall, where 15 real ales were being served at the very reasonable price of £3 per pint.  Lol Thurstan from Rosecroft Road was there, among many neighbours, with his camera, making sure to record the event photographically.  The marquee, which provided a covered seating area, was packed and I had to shove my way to the front for a pint of ‘Cod Father’ golden ale – sponsored, appropriately enough, by my good friends at the Cranes Park Fish Bar – well worth travelling a mile or two out of your way for their hot food!

After chatting briefly with Jo Green, a teacher at Lyndon Green Junior School, who had come all the way from the Yardley borders, I got myself a bacon bap for £1.50 to sober up for the journey home, explaining that I didn’t dare stay longer or I would drink more and have to leave the car that I had, perhaps foolishly, travelled there in!  So, clutching my souvenir St Giles pint glass, I sneaked out, sheepishly passed PCSO Steve McGrath, and left scores of my constituents enjoying themselves, potentially for another six hours!  I had paid for the glass, by the way!

I hope that lots of money was raised for the Church Tower fund, because St Giles is a truly historic building in our midst.  The Beer Festival was an excellent event and I hope they do it again sometime.  In the meantime, I am resolving to pay a visit to the Tap Room at the Church End Brewery in Ridge Lane, Nuneaton, where all today’s beers came from.  Apparently they brew more than 20 other beers there, and if they’re all as good as the ‘Cod Father’ then it must be well worth a visit!

Well done St Giles for providing an excellent day out for all!

Councillor Mike Ward

Lol Lol Thurstan. Editor & Publisher of B26 Community, supporting the great Beer Festival at St Giles Church. Well done to all concerned for putting on this event.


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