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Please read this it is very important!

Just to keep you updated on the article I recently publish, “Concerns over patients medical records”. I visited my local Doctor, Dr B S Jheeta MBChB DCCh DRCOG MRCGP (UK), to talk to him after he had read the article, and he has given me the following information.

Overview of SCR, CCR and


  • A national shared medical record containing allergies, adverse reactions and medications.
  • Currently being used in Acute organisations across the country.
  • Access is based on legitimate patient relationship
  • Spine based application.
  • Access through the use of a Smart card.
  • Opt out code 9NDo or  XaXj6 (System One)

URL for Opt form:


  • A shared medical record containing allergies, adverse reactions, medication, diagnostic results.
  • Utilised in Birmingham, Sandwell and Solihull only.
  • Access will be users specific and based on legitimate patient relationship.
  • Content of medical record will be tailored per clinician and organisation.
  • Key benefits around Children/Adult Safeguarding, Frail Elderly, Urgent Care, Resource allocation and Patients Safety.
  • Single sign on, non Spine based application.
  • Opt out code pnd1 (EMIS Web), 93C1 (LV,INPS) or XaKRw (System One)

ULR for Opt form: download/123

  • is a NHS England nation programme.
  • will collect both identifiable and non-identifiable patient information from GP practices.
  • Coded data such as symptoms, diagnoses, drugs, lab results is to be extracted.
  • In formation to be managed and anonymised by the Health and Social care Information Centre (HSCIC)
  • Utilised for planning and research purposes.
  • Opt out from secondary use of GP patient identification data 9Nu0 or XaZ89 (System One)
  • Opt out from disclosure of personal confidential data by Health and Social Care Information Centre 9Nu4 or XaaVL (System One)

URL for Opt form: trifold.pdf

The detailed information above may appear quite long and perhaps difficult to digest, however, it would be remiss of me not to keep you informed of all the relevant information. The final piece of information,, is perhaps the one that is causing the most concern at this present time because this is a national database of all medical records.

Just too finally keep you fully informed. There is a form you can get from your doctors which is called “IMPORTANT CHANGES TO YOUR MEDICAL RECORDS”, there is a tear off portion that you can fill in if you want opt out. An extract from this form reads: Details from your medical record will be extracted from the practice in a form that can identify you, and will include your NHS number, date of birth, postcode, gender and ethnicity, together with your medical diagnoses (including cancer and mental health), their complications, referrals to specialists, your prescriptions, your family history, details of your vaccinations and screening tests, your blood test results, your body mass index, and your smoking/alcohol habits.

This is only part of this form, however, I feel if you have any concern please check it out because once it is uploaded you will not be able to get this data deleted by the HSCIC (Health & Social Care Information Centre)

Lol Lol Thurstan. Editor & Publisher of B26

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