Statement from Redfern Rd Refuse Depot.

There have been concerns from some Sheldon residents about their refuse collection during and after Christmas, the following e-mail is to our Councillors from Redfern Road Depot.

Dear Councillors

I am writing to provide you with an update on current situation with reference to refuse collection for your Wards covered by Redfern Depot. Can I start by assuring you that my team and I are  doing all that we can to minimise dropped work and where there has been dropped work it has normally been collected within 24 hours. There are however some roads where collection is outstanding for a longer time, which we are aware of, my priority has been removing Sacks, Paper and Multi in that order.

All Wards have been very heavy over the past week, coupled with rubbish put out by householders on Christmas / Boxing Day  despite it been a public holiday. It does normally take around 2/3 weeks to get things back to normal, again this is my target this year if not sooner.

I can report that we are about one day behind with collections in some parts of the Wards covered by Redfern Depot, although as previous stated there are pockets where this may be longer.

I have crews working the weekend, with a view of trying to clear up any outstanding collections, going into next week with minimal dropped work.

I will continue to monitor collections over the coming few weeks given that these weeks after Christmas and New Year are exceptionally heavy and will provide you with further updates if required

Kind Regard

Maz Dad

Service Manager

Fleet & Waste Management

Redfern Depot

Kings Road

Birmingham B11 2AE


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1 Response to Statement from Redfern Rd Refuse Depot.

  1. Mrs Christine Sudbury says:

    Redfern Depot, what is going on Albert Rd Stechford, B33 9BD, we have 3 Weeks household rubbish, 5 weeks recycling all blocking pavements. 5 phone calls, and log on line, and you are taking no notice, should this not been cleared over Easter, as the refuse collectors have been on extra pay. This road is disgusting, smells. We had at least 4 carts drive down this road yesterday, and one cart parked by 20 black bags having their break, didn’t collect any. Last week 1 cart parked under railway bridge, and the driver was asleep 8.15 in the morning. Our MP has been contacted, but seems as useless in solving the problem as your call centre. How can we support the bin men, they done support the residents

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